Realization of systems and automations for leading companies in the sector of production of systems and machines for ceramics and bricks. Automating incoming and outgoing product collection processes.

Robotic islands for sanitary treatment

The innovation in glazing treatments on sanitary ware was achieved by automating production islands with anthropomorphic robots. The solution has revolutionized the production process, making it possible to serve multiple glazing stations in a continuous cycle. Automatic management has considerably reduced the manpower used for heavy manual operations, both for the mass of products and for the critical environmental conditions. The result obtained highlighted the reduction of waste and an increase in quality.


The product is stored on level trolleys. The operator inserts them at the input for processing and withdraws them at the end of the process. The automation takes care of sequentially withdrawing the product from the various levels of the trolleys and depositing it in the coding bays. Then, based on the programmed processing, it is loaded onto the glazing booths. At the end, the finished product is returned to the outfeed trolley, stacking it. The dialogue between the various machines, robots, translators, coding bays takes place over the Ethernet network, synchronizing all operations. A central PC monitors management, performing the task of communication server and data archiving. A supervision software informs about the operations in progress and reports any anomalies.


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