For overhaul or replacement needs of systems, we carry out: complete, mechanical, pneumatic, electrical overhauls of machines and systems that have decreased their efficiency.

The overhaul is not limited to the normal replacement or refurbishment of existing components, but aims to analyze the intended use, to propose improvement solutions.

Adjustment and security

A currently fundamental aspect, even if not always implemented in the past, is represented by the need to adapt and keep the safety devices of the systems efficient. For this purpose we operate by arranging or modifying existing systems according to current regulations.

To complete and guarantee the installations, we carry out the CE certification of the machines.

Classification of systems in places with danger of explosion

The need of our customers to build systems in places with potentially explosive atmospheres has guided the choice to deal with the classification of areas subject to the ATEX directive.

We carry out the risk assessment analysis in the affected areas, which are classified allowing us to establish the equipment and installation methods.


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