Leather goods

Leather goods
  • Lines with coating processes

  • Lines with laminating and printing processes

  • Automation of lines for unwinding and winding processes

  • Lines with leather ennobling processes

We have built systems for leading companies in the production of systems and machines for coating, laminating and printing synthetic leather.

  • Production lines for covers and tarpaulins, conveyor belts, adhesives and silicones, synthetic leather, rubberised, resin-coated fabrics, synthetic foams, semi-finished products for various clothing and leather goods sectors

  • Plants for the continuous coupling of films and sheaths on panels

  • PVC embossing and cutting plants


The lines are made up of various machines with winding and unwinding processes at a constant speed. The spreading and spraying deposits the product uniformly on the moving surface of the support, which is then coupled with the fabric. Forced ventilation drying makes the product compact and dry. In the detachment area, the separation from the support takes place on the rewinder. Various robotic cutting systems then create the shapes to be used.

Spraying systems

We create complete turnkey spraying systems, which can be inserted on production lines for "leather ennobling". The system exploits the potential of modern motion control systems with brushless motors, reaching a speed of 4.5 m/sec

Main functions:

  • Thermoregulation of the products used

  • Control of the product by recipe

  • Continuous process monitoring

  • Storing production and consumption data

  • Operation diagnostics.


  • Increased line productivity due to the speed of the spraying process

  • Quality of the result thanks to the homogeneity of the product deposit

  • Reduction of consumption, maximum efficiency of use

  • Reliability and reduced maintenance.


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